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  • Appetizers ~ Antojitos

  • Salads ~ Ensaladas

  • Soup & Chili

  • The Suppers ~ Las Cenas

  • Burritos & Changas

  • Gringo Specials

  • Extras

  • Salsa & Dips

Appetizers ~ Antojitos

  • Super Chalupa Dip


    Layered beans, beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, two cheeses topped with black olives, sour cream and a dab of guacamole accompanied by tostados.
  • Quesadilla


    A large flour tortilla filled with beef or chicken, tomatoes, onions, 2 cheeses and you choice of pico de gallo or jalapeño chutney – served with sour cream.
  • Mexican Pizza


    Delicious ultra thin crust, topped with cheddar and Jack cheese, red and green pepper, tomato, onion, jalapeños, sour cream and your choice of chicken or beef. Add guacamole $3.50
  • T.M.T.’S


    Our Tex-Mex-Tons. Savory pork and corn stuffed won tons served with our southwestern sesame chili sauce.
  • Nacho Platter


    Tostados layered with mountains of cheddar and Jack cheese, diced bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and served with our special house sour cream and salsa roja. Add chicken, beef or bean for $5.50
  • Loco Nachos


    Old style individually topped chips, with beans, cheddar, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole, salad fixings and your choice of spicy beef or seasoned chicken Takes a little longer to make them yummy!
  • Coyote Critters


    Crispy coated chilies, stuffed with cream cheese. Served with sweet and spicy jalapeño chutney, Howlin’ good!
  • Poquitas Combo Platter


    16 Poquitas filled with seasoned chicken, spicy beef, all beef chili, barbacoa and pinto beans. Choose three of your favorite dips: chili con queso, sour cream, guacamole or chipotle honey. Flour tortillas 31.00
  • Poquitas


    Corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of spicy beef, seasoned chicken or refried beans and choice of dip: queso, sour cream, guacamole or chipotle honey. Flour tortillas 11.75
  • Zinger Chicken Wings


    Crispy dry wings basket of 6. Basket of 12 for 25.00
  • Assorted Appetizer Platter


    Chef’s choice, try a little of our favorites.
  • Chili con Queso


    Creamy cheese and tomato dip, try it with a little spice: add pico de gallo or spicy taco meat for $2.00. Side order $5.00. Dab Order $2.50.
  • Guacamole


    Avocado with a kiss of garlic, onion and tomato served on a bed of lettuce accompanied by tostados. Side order $7.50. Dab Order $3.50.

Salads ~ Ensaladas

  • Side Salad


    Garden, Orange Almond or Caesar.
  • Orange Almond Salad


    Fresh assorted lettuce, oranges, grated carrot, green onions, roasted almonds with our special orange vinaigrette. Add chicken 5.50
  • Casa Grande Chef Salad


    Crisp lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato wedges, hard boiled egg, green and red peppers, chunks of chicken topped with cheddar cheese.
  • Caesar Salad


    Crisp romaine lettuce, house made croutons and bacon bits, fresh grated parmesan cheese and great Caesar dressing. Served with garlic toast. Add chicken 5.50 Caesar Salad Melt $24.00.
  • Fajita Salad


    Warm fajita style chicken or sirloin steak stripes and sautéed veggies, lettuce, with melted Jack cheese and pico de gallo, all in a tasty edible shell. Baked shell available.
  • Our Famous Taco Salad


    A favorite among our regulars! Choice of seasoned chicken or spicy beef, and fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, tossed with our delicious ranch style house dressing, topped with cheddar cheese in a tasty edible shell! Baked shell available.

Soup & Chili

  • Spicy Black Bean


    All vegetable spicy soup served with Jack cheese and pico de gallo – topped with sour cream. Comes with a flour tortilla.
  • Casa Grande Chili


    Award winning Texas Style – all sirloin beef chili served with garlic bread or flour tortilla.
  • Vegetarian Chili


    Kidney beans, carrots, onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic and tomatoes served with a warm flour tortilla or garlic bread.
  • Mexico City Tortilla Soup


    A great way to start a meal, lots of veggies, melted Monterrey Jack cheese and tortilla strips.

The Suppers ~ Las Cenas

  • Q’s Special Taco Trio


    Choice of three (3) fillings for our delicious handmade flour tortillas. Barbecue Chicken, Black Bean & Avocado, Poblano Chili (when available) or Barbacoa. Topped with tomatoes, onion, cheese and lettuce.
  • Fajita Skillet


    Chicken breast strips sautéed with onions, peppers and spices, served with chili con queso, special sour cream and pico de gallo, they come with three steaming flour tortillas so you can roll your own! Sirloin steak 26.00. Combination 27.00. Veggies only 23.00.
  • Pescado – Fish Tacos


    “Life Changing” 3 Sautéed cod loins in a warm tortilla “buttered” with our spicy sour cream and topped with our Mexican slaw.
  • Serrano Cream Enchiladas


    Two corn tortillas filled with seasoned chicken, tomatoes & onions, Jack cheese, and topped with our spicy green chili cream sauce and sour cream
  • Mexican Flag


    Inspired by the colors of the flag – one cheddar cheese enchilada cover in red sauce, one spicy beef enchilada cover in green sauce and one chicken flauta covered with traditional white sauce, raisins and roasted almonds.
  • Enchilada Pie


    New Mexican style (open face) layers of tortillas, cheddar, Jack cheese, tomato, onion, pico de gallo and your choice of spicy beef, chicken, black bean or veggies.
  • Tacos & Enchiladas la Casa Special


    Choose three (3) of any combination of Tacos or Enchiladas – they come filled with cheese, tomatoes and onions and lettuce for tacos – you choose your filling from spicy beef, chicken, chili, calabacita or beans.
  • Flautas


    Two corn tortillas filled with season chicken or prime rib steak strips, pan-fried, topped with Monterrey Jack cheese, raisins, toasted almonds and our special sour cream.

Burritos & Changas

  • Changa


    Filled with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions and your choice of chicken, spicy beef, chili, avocado. Upgrade to barbacoa for $4.00
  • Twice Baked Burrito


    Filled with tomatoes, onions, cheddar and your choice of beef, chicken or beef & beans smothered in a traditional barbecue sauce.
  • Veggie Burrito


    A large flour tortilla filled with tomatoes, onions, Monterrey Jack cheese and your choice of calabacita, avocado or black beans. Topped with your choice of our house sour cream or our chipotle honey sauce.
  • Chipotle or Habanero Burrito


    Filled with tomatoes, onions & cheddar cheese and your choice of beef, chicken or beef & beans, layered with our hot roasted chili salsa or very hot habanero salsa – this is for true spice lovers.
  • Barbacoa Burrito


    Tender sweet & sour marinated beef and pork baked in our BBQ sauce and filled with tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese.
  • Traditional Burrito


    Filled with cheddar, tomatoes, onions and your choice of beef, chicken or beef & beans.
  • Laredo Burrito Special


    Flour tortilla filled with spicy beef, beans, Mexican rice, cheddar, topped with roasted chipotle salsa, guacamole and sour cream.
  • Texas Supreme Burrito


    Our sirloin beef chili stuffed inside a flour tortilla – with cheddar cheese & onions. Add a dab of zing with habanera or chipotle salsa – for free!

Gringo Specials

  • Quintanas Burger Deluxe


    8oz. beef patty or 6oz. chicken breast. Served with coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, and hand cut fries on the side. Top with cheddar, bacon, avocado slices, fried onions, habanero, jalapeños, roasted chile or jalapeños chutney – 2.00 each.
  • San Antonio Stir Fry


    Choice of chicken or sirloin steak strips sautéed with cala, onions, bell peppers, and our special salsa cream on the side. Served on bed of Mexican rice topped with two types of cheeses.
  • St. John’s Pan-Fried Cod Loins


    A Newfoundland tradition – 3 cod loins fried in scrunchions and served with pile of hand cut fries and coleslaw. Always good!


Salsa & Dips

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