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  • Burritos

  • Platos Surtidos

  • Tacos & Enchiladas


  • All Burritos are filled flour tortillas. *All entrées come with your choice of our traditional trio [Mexican rice and beans] substitute hand cut fries or soup. Substitute side salads, cala or waffle fries for $3.00. Add cilantro for 0.50. Try any dish with avocado for $3.50
  • Twice Baked Burrito


    Filled with chicken & cheese or beef & beans smothered in a traditional barbecue sauce, topped with a dab of House sour cream.
  • Chipotle or Habanero Burrito


    Filled with chicken & cheese or beef & beans, layered with our hot roasted chili salsa or very hot habanero salsa – this is for true spice lovers.
  • BBQ Burrito


    Our own barbacoa – pork and beef marinated in a delicious BBQ sauce.
  • Avocado Burrito


    (When available) Fresh avocado slices, tomatoes, onions, Monterrey Jack cheese topped with your choice of house sour cream or chipotle honey sauce.
  • Burrito


    Filled with cheddar, tomatoes, onions and your choice of beef & beans, chicken or black beans.

Platos Surtidos

  • Quesadilla


    A large flour tortilla filled with beef or chicken, tomatoes, onions, 2 cheeses and your choice of pico de gallo or jalapeño chutney – served with sour cream.
  • Q’s Chicken Club


    Baked chicken, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato and onions on a tortilla wrap.
  • Grande Poquitas


    Six flour tortillas stuffed with spicy beef, chicken or beans and your choice of House sour cream, queso, guacamole or chipotle honey dipping sauce. Add cheddar and salsa inside 2.00
  • Flauta


    Corn enchilada fried on the bottom – filled with chicken or sirloin steak, Jack cheese, tomatoes and onions, topped with raisins, roasted almonds and House sour cream.
  • Pizza Pizza


    Delicious ultra thin crust, topped with cheddar and Jack cheese, red and green pepper, tomato, onion, jalapeños, sour cream and your choice of chicken or beef. Add guacamole 3.50

Tacos & Enchiladas

  • Pescado – Fish tacos


    “Life Changing” 2 Sautéed cod loins in a warm tortilla “buttered” with our spicy sour cream and topped with our Mexican slaw.
  • Tacos


    Crispy corn tortillas filled with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheese and your choice of chicken, beef, chili, beans or veggies. With flour tortilla add 2.00
  • Enchiladas


    Soft corn tortillas filled with your choice of chicken, beef, chili & beans or veggies – cheddar cheese, tomatoes & onions.

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